30525197267_541bcda7ee_kAt this crucial crossroads in our human history, several countries around the world are falling prey to populism and fascism.

In the US, a climate change denier inhabits the White House. In the Philippines, a man who incites murder is president. In Turkey, a megalomaniacal new sultan uses religion to buy the masses’ obedience. In Russia, a former KGB agent tries to undermine democracy at home and abroad at every turn, using dirty tricks one can see in “the Americans”. In the UK, Ms. May leads one of the biggest political blunders in European history, a shot in the foot that will cost her country billions (even my own computer asks me twice if I want to delete a file). In Syria, a madman clings to power, while his country burns. In Poland and Hungary, right wing semi-despots undermine the rule of law. In Argentina, another madman presides over the fall of the once most advanced Latin American country into debt and chaos. Now, Brazil joins the club of countries where democracy bids farewell.

Exactly now, when we need good governments that can help preserve and steer our environment. Exactly now, when we have so little time to keep climate change in acceptable (bearable) levels. Exactly now, when decisions need to be made quickly, so we keep temperature rise under 2 degrees. Exactly now, when it is urgent governments ACT, we are electing madmen who are against science, and will not be held accountable for climate disasters.

Sustainability CAN’T be only environmental. Sustainability must be social, economic, and environmental. Without open, democratic, effective, accountable governments, we won’t survive.


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