The Spatial Justice of the Commons

This is my lecture on the Spatial Justice of the Commons for the sixth season of the Global Urban Lectures, the 15-minute videos produced by UN-Habitat.

In this lecture, I focus on unfolding the notion of sustainability into its economic, social and environmental components by the idea of the Tragedy of the Commons. The lecture focuses on the concepts of social sustainability and spatial justice as bedrocks for real sustainability in urban development. With over 170,000 views from 65 countries to date, the series of 15-minute video lectures features experts discussing cutting-edge research and practical recommendations on advancing urban sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. The sixth series features 10 lectures providing quick and efficient online learning tools for local government officials, students, academics and other urban professionals at a time when meetings and lectures are cancelled. On this occasion, the new season is produced with the support of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, and features several videos addressing topics closely related to climate change and urban resilience.Find all seasons of the Global Urban Lectures at:

Citizen empowerment and participation have the potential to create or recreate a public sphere in which the conditions for good governance of the commons described by Ostrom can exist and produce more just outcomes, helping solve conflicts in spatial development, balancing powers in governance processes,  increasing accessibility to public goods and ultimately  potentially delivering more social-spatial justice.