Graduation supervision

List of graduation projects supervised by Roberto Rocco
Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Chair Spatial Planning and Strategy

Most student work is available at the TU Delft Education Repository.

Along my career, I have supervised a good number of graduation projects, as first, second or third mentor on a variety of topics, mostly connected to spatial strategies for the global metropolis, governance and citizen engagement, which includes lots of work on understanding and designing for complex city-regions in Europe and in the Global South.

The focus changes as my research interests evolve. In the last 10 years, my attention has shifted towards issues of spatial justice, especially the connection between urbanisation and citizen’s rights. This includes for example, the governance of slums and the governance of slum upgrading, citizen participation and citizen engagement, the governance of the urban commons, the city as a commons, and planning as a democracy building exercise.

My role in the drafting of the Union for the Mediterranean Action Plan for Sustainable Urbanisation (published by UfM and the European Commission in 2021), has opened up new areas of research and action and consequently, new opportunities for graduation mentorship.

As main supervisor at TU Delft (in reverse chronological order)

  1. (2023) Permeating Socio-Ecological Walls: Addressing the multi-dimensional inequality in the ‘City of Walls’ though Environmental Justice [São Paulo], by Larissa Müller (US). Keywords: Permeating, Environmental Justice, Multi-dimensional inequality, ‘City of Walls’. Second mentor: Claudiu Forgaci (Urban Design).
  2. (2023) Reconfiguring Travel Patterns: The Necessary Rapid Just Transition to Car-Free Urban Planning in a Cross-Border Context [border NL-BE], by Thomas van Daalhuizen (NL). Keywords: Transition Strategy, Mobility planning, Sustainable mobility , Social sustainability, Transportation Networks, Cross-Border Context. Second mentor: dr. Vitor Muñoz (Urban Design)
  3. (2023) Inequality and Life Fulfilment: A social, cultural and spatial exploration of the Greater Gaborone Region [Botswana], by Dan Watchorn (Canada). Keywords: Life fulfilment, spatial inequality, economic inequality, capabilities approach, cultural philosophy. Second mentor: dr. Maurice Harteveld (Urban Design).
  4. (2022) Calming Regional Aridity: How a regional strategy can mitigate water shortage and support just and resilient Urbanism [in the North of Africa]. by Hidde van Beek (The Netherlands). Keywords: arid climate; water shortage; transboundary cooperation; regional strategy; resilience; spatial justice. Second mentor: dr Fransje Hooimeijer (Environmental Technology & Design).
  5. (2022) The New Informal: leveraging Formal & Informal practices towards the just, resilient and sustainable urban development of Kampala. by Priscilla Namwanje (Uganda). Keywords: integration of formal and informal, informal institutions, pattern language, community participation. Second mentor: dr Victor Sanz (Urban Design).
  6. (2021) Transformation and revival: Research on urban development strategic planning for HanDan under the dual dilemma of resource based industry transition and regional spatial marginalisation. by Yizhao Du (China). Keywords: secondary citiesresource-based industrial cities, urban transformationinnovative urbanismStrategic Planningintegration. Second mentor: Alexander Wandl.
  7. (2021) Polarised Vienna: Democracy and Public Space in the Urban Periphery. by Simon Bohun (Austria). Keywords: Urban peripheryDonaustadtViennaDemocracy and public spaceCentrality.Second mentor: Birgit Hausleitner.
  8. (2020) Bridging Nicosia: Finding common ground for building peace in the contested city. Author: Ioanna Dimitriou (Cyprus). Keywords: Ethnic conflict, contested environment, divided cities, Nicosia, shared spaces. Complex Cities. Role: First mentor. 
  9. (2020) (Re)Levant: Former railway networks in the Levant as a backbone for regional cooperation and social inclusion [Israel]. by Rotem Shenitzer Schwake (Israel). Keywords: Railway infrastructure, cross-border cooperation, sustainable development, regional segregation, divided communities. Complex Cities. Role: First mentor. 
  10. (2018) Productive Addis: Increasing accessibility to local income generation by designing a productive open space system (Africa, Ethiopia, Neighbourhood Planning, Urban Development, Affordable Housing). by Chris Bartman (The Netherlands). Keywords: Affordable neighbourhoods, migration, social mobility, urban growth, economic development, Complex Cities; Inclusive cities in the Global South. Role: First mentor
  11. (2018) An alternative urban paradigm? Local knowledge and the power of community as a base for sustainable development in Mathare Valley, Nairobi (Africa, Kenya, Nairobi, Slum Upgrading, Neighbourhood Development, Post-Colonial Studies). by Eva Labrujere (The Netherlands). Keywords: Participatory slum-upgrading, informal urbanisation, sustainable development,  indigenous/local knowledge.  Complex Cities. Role: First mentor.
  12. (2018) A Corridor towards sustainable urban development: Maputo Metropolitan Area, Mozambique (Africa, Mozambique, Development Corridor, Urban Development, Metropolitan Strategy). by Concepción (Concha) del Rocío Aranda Iglesias (Spain). Keywords: Adaptive Governance, Informality, Urban Development, Complex Cities: Inclusive Cities, Role: First mentor.
  13. (2017) Stockholm 2050 – A resilient metropolitan region (Regional plan). (Sweden, Regional Planning, Mobility, Strategic Regional Planning). by Kristian Spasov (Sweden), Keywords: Resilient, Densification, Mobility, Environment, Climate change.Developed in the Complex cities: Inclusive Cities Graduation Lab. Role: First mentor.
  14. (2017) An Informal Frame: Incorporating social & economic production of space in redevelopment of informal settlements (India, Mumbai, Slum Upgrading Strategies, Livelihood_Based Urban Development). By Kritika Sha (India),  Keywords: Informal settlements, economic network, social ties, inclusive and sustainable redevelopment, Developed in the Complex cities: Inclusive Cities Graduation Lab. Role: First mentor.
  15. (2016) Revisited Composition: Implementation Strategy for Mobility Based Development in Bandung City, Indonesia. By Putrikinasih (Putri) Santoso (Indonesia). Keywords: sustainable urban development, mobility oriented development, urban redevelopment, Bandung, Indonesia, TOD. Graduation Studio: Complex Cities. Second mentor: L. M. Calabrese.
  16. (2016) Noords Spatial Civil Society Governance: Understanding the impacts of Participatiesamenleving for local spatial strategies. (The Netherlands: Neighbourhood Development, Neo-Liberalism, Big Society) by Lynn van Calmthout (The Netherlands). Keywords: Participatiesamenleving, Policies, Responsibility, Spatial policies, Developed at the studio Complex Cities. Role: First mentor
  17. (2016) Connected São Paulo: Experimenting Participation in Urban Development, (Brazil: Sao Paulo, Participation & Democracy: Urban Regeneration: Inner City Redevelopment). by Nina Dalla Bernardina (Brazil). Keywords: collective, collaboration, new economy, network system, self-organization. Developed in the Complex cities: Inclusive Cities Graduation Lab. Role: First mentor.
  18. (2014) A spatial strategy for Paraisopolis, an informal settlement in São Paulo, Brazil (Brazil: Informal Urbanisation: Slum Upgrading: Development). by Belinda van Zijl (The Netherlands). Master thesis in Urbanism. Mentors: R. Rocco & M. van Dorst (June 2014). Keywords: informal urbanisation, slum upgrading, participation.
  19. (2013) The greater Kaunas in pursuit of coherence: Unlocking regional competitiveness and balanced development through a regional spatial strategy (Lithuania: Regional Integrated Spatial Strategy: Post-Socialist Development), by Viktorija Gailiute (Lithuania), Master thesis in Urbanism, Mentors: R. Rocco, E. Luiten, (July 2013), Keywords: regional development strategies, regional design, landscape, mobility strategies.
  20. (2013) Mobility as Justice: Metropolitan Mobility Strategy for a Socially Equitable Bucharest. Keywords: Romania, Metropolitan Spatial Strategy, TOD, Mobility, Post-Socialist Development, by Liviu Teodorescu (Romania), Master thesis in Urbanism, Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Dorina Pojani, (December 2013), Keywords: metropolitan strategy and design, TOD, mobility, equality, spatial justice.
  21.  (2011) Developing beyond limitations: a regional strategy for Xining, Qinghai province in China (China: Regional To Urban Strategies For Development), by Yuli Zhou (China), Masters thesis in Urbanism, Mentors: R. Rocco, Professor D. Sijmons, Keywords: regional planning and design, urbanisation in China, sustainability, territorial planning, landscape and resources management.
  22. (2011) Child Friendly Cities (Poland): Urban Strategies For Mobility, by Stef Pieterse (NL), Masters thesis in Urbanism, Mentors: R. Rocco; M. Berghauser-Pont, Keywords. Keywords: child friendly environments, urban regeneration strategies, urban design, empirical research, GIS
  23. (2010) Utrecht-region under pressure: Development of a mobile strategy to keep the Utrecht region accessible, vital and liveable, Master thesis Architecture 2010-01-29, by Van Dijk, J.  and Stinissen, R. (NL) (double graduation), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Balz, V.E. · Stead, D. · Smit, P., Keywords: city-regional design, mobility environments, regional spatial strategy.
  24. (2010) Today’s Main City Squares in Northwestern Europe (The Netherlands: Urban Form: Public Spaces), Master thesis Architecture 2010-01-28, by Saskia Commandeur (NL), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Harteveld, M.G.A.D. · Dawson, J.P., Keywords: squares, history, criteria for spatial quality.
  25. (2010) Shifting Gravity in the Utrecht region (The Netherlands: Urban Form And Urban Strategy), Master thesis Architecture 2010-06-22, by Joris Viscaal (NL), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Berghauser-Pont, M. · Van Nes, A., Keywords: Post-Vinex · densification · urbanisation · axis development · Utrecht · Leidsche Rijn
  26. (2010) From lines to networks: creating links between the sub-centralities of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil: Urban Networks and Mobility), by Joris Wiers (NL), Masters thesis in Urbanism, Mentors: Rocco, R.; Westrik, J.; van der Velde, J.R.T., Keywords: urban networks, infrastructure, transport, centrality, Rio de Janeiro, development.
  27. (2010) Dual Map 2040: Guide to a Vital, Diverse Jining (China: Regional Planning), Master thesis Architecture 2010-06-24, by Liang Chunxiao (China), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Sijmons, D. · Read, S., Keywords: urban transformation, regional planning and design, urbanisation in China, resource cities transformation. 
  28. (2010) City, catch the time! Rediscovering socialist neighbourhoods in a new capitalist society: Case in Vilnius Lithuania (Lithuania: Urban Regeneration: Post-Socialist City), Master thesis Architecture 2010-06-22, by Justina Muliuolyte (Lithuania), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Westrik, J.A. · Lei, Q.. Keywords: Post war housing · regeneration · post socialist city · large-scale housing estates · strategy · network
  29. (2010) ‘Measuring urban capacity’: Towards a systematic measurement of capacity for intensification of dwellings and industry (The Netherlands: Urban Form And Strategy: Density), Master thesis Architecture 2010-06-24, by Dena Kasraian Moghaddam (Iran), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Berghauser Pont, M. · Hermans, W., Keywords: intensification · capacity measurement · quantification · Westland.
  30.  (2009) Urban Conditions for Creative Cities (The Netherlands: Knowledge City Strategies), Master thesis Architecture, by Sam Eftegarie (NL), Mentor: Rocco, R., Toorn M. vd, Tamas, M. Keywords: creative cities, urban milieu, learning, urban environments.
  31. (2009) Nanjing, Towards a Super University City (China: Knowledge City Strategies), Masters thesis Architecture, by Jing Jing (China), Mentor: Rocco, R., Hermans, W., Sanders, G., Keywords: creative cities, university cities, development, university campus
  32. (2009) For Ordinary People: contributing to decrease social polarization in Beijing using the post-Olympic facilities (China: Olympic Legacy: Urban Strategy), by Lingjuan Zhang (China), Masters thesis in Urbanism, Mentor: Rocco, R., Keywords: Olympic cities, post Olympic facilities, social polarisation, infrastructures
  33. (2009) Emerging Neighbourhoods: or why piece-by-piece urbanism leads to flexible and diverse city development (The Netherlands: Urban Studies: Complexity Theory), Master thesis Architecture 2009-11-06, by Thijs Jansen (NL), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Stolk, E. · Portugali, J., Keywords: flexible neighbourhoods · diversity · complexity theory.
  34. (2009) Delft, for knowledge and people: Connecting the Knowledge City with its citizens (The Netherlands, Knowledge City), Master thesis, Architecture 2009-07-02, by Christiane De Koning (NL), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Aalbers, K.P.M. · Harteveld, M.G.A.D., Keywords: knowledge city · Schieoevers · Schie canal banks
  35. (2008) Pedal city: alternative urban system of mobility and accessibility to urban services for self-organizing economic activities in slums of Lusaka, Zambia, Master thesis Architecture 2008-06-27, Author: Atsufumi Yokoi (Japan), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Fernandez-Maldonado, A.M. · Hermans, W.J.A., Keywords: urban development, development strategies, mobility, intervention, bottom-up design and planning, local conditions
  36. (2008) How to regenerate Yeouido as an international business centre of Seoul (South Korea, Urban Strategy), Master thesis Architecture 2008-06-27, by So-Jeon Park(South Korea), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Zandbelt, D. · Harteveld, M., Keywords: international business centres · airports · networks · central parks · public space
  37. (2008) From urban barrier to urban connector: how to intervene to dissolve the existing barrier of the former military base (South Korea, Urban Strategy), Master thesis Architecture 2008-06-27, Author: Ji-Young Lee (South Korea), Mentor: Rocco, R. · Stolk, E.H. · De Haan, H., Keywords: urban intervention · urban transformation · urban network · Yongsan, U.S. military base

As research mentor for EXPLORE LAB (the experimental graduation lab at BK TU Delft)

  1. (2021) Undividing Lahore: The Temple of Dialogue. Author: Badar Haq (The Netherlands). Water, resilience, sustainability, culture. Explore Lab. Role: Research mentor. First mentor: Harald Mooij.(2021) Architect as a mediator; Exhibition about co-living at the Jacoba Van Beierenlaan student housing complex. Author: Hanna Rudner (UK/Poland). Explore Lab. Keywords: co-living, housing strategies, ethnography of housing, participatory research. First mentor: Jorge Mejia.
  2. (2020) An Urban Development Strategy for New Aruna Nagar, Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi. Architecture of the Tibetan Diaspora. Author: Jakob Schmitt (Germany). Migration, Exile, Diaspora, Tibet, Informal urbanisation. Explore Lab. Role: Research mentor. First mentor: Nelson Mota (Arch.).
  3. (2019) Burkinabé Domesticity: A contextualised response to rapid urbanisation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Author: Robyne Somé (The Netherlands). Explore Lab. Domestic architecture, culture-based design, demographic transition, housing, massive housing strategies, Burkina Faso. First mentor: Nelson Mota. Research Mentor: Roberto Rocco.
  4. (2018) Mess is More : Iterating Dwelling design processes for the urban poor in Delhi. Author: Deepanshu Arneja (India), Self-organization, Income-based, Decoding open space, Informality, slum upgrading strategies, affordable housing, Explore Lab, Fist mentor: Nelson Mota. Role: Research mentor (3rd mentor in EXPLORE LAB)
  5. (2016) Together: Participatory methods in Architectural Design: creating public values for urban regenerationAuthor: Mar Muñoz Aparici, Keywords: Participation, identity, public values, planning, deprived urban areas. Developed at Explorelab. Role: Research mentor.
  6. (2016) Fair factory, towards safe and healthy textile factories in Bangladesh. Author: Stephan van Berkel (Netherlands), Master thesis at Explore Lab, Keywords: industrial architecture, ergonomics of the workplace, occupational safety and health in factories, building technique in Bangladesh.
  7. (2016) Counteracting Socio-spatial Segregation through Architectural VerwandlungAuthor: Linda de Geus Keywords: Social Segregation, Spatial Justice, Public Realm, Sao Paulo, Social Integration, Developed at: Explore Lab. Role: Research mentor.
  8. (2015) Resilient DenCity: Building With Water: Green Network in the New Jersey shoreline., Author: Matteo Ferrarese (Italy), Master thesis at Explore Lab. Mentors: Architecture + R.Rocco, Keywords: Water management, Natural ecosystem, Sustainable mobility, Active lifestyle, Resiliency.
  9. (2014) Integrated Integrative Infrastructure: The local dimension of metropolitan mobility systems in São Paulo: An exploration of the planning and design of sustainable nodes of mobility and their impact on local spatial qualities Author: Maarten Kempenaar (The Netherlands) (Explore Lab), Master thesis in Architecture and Urbanism, Mentors: H. van Bennekom, R. Rocco.
  10. (2013) Integrating Informality: A Case for an Informal Settlement in MumbaiAuthor: Rohan Varma (India) (Explore Lab), Master thesis in architecture and urbanism (to be completed in 2013), Mentors: J. Heintz, R. Rocco.
  11. (2011) São Paulo and the merging Polis: On urban informality, violence and the public realm in São Paulo’s periphery (The Netherlands/ Brazil: Urban Strategies For Development: Urban Intervention), Author: Jan van Ballegooien (NL), Master Thesis dual degree Urbanism and Architecture, Mentors: L. Meyers, R. Rocco.
  12. (2011) In_Formal Spaces: Towards Urbanity in the Peripheries of Rio de Janeiro: a Piecemeal Intervention (Brazil: Urban Strategies For Development: Urban Intervention), Master thesis, Architecture 2011-01-14, Author: Stallaart, A. (NL), Mentor: Lee, S. · Westgeest, G. · Rocco, R., Keywords: Paradox of urbanisation · Rio de Janeiro · Brazil · aesthetization of urbanity · informal architecture.

At the MADE Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions Programme

  1. (2023: Forthcoming) The impact of values on mobility technology. by Jeroen de Vries (The Netherlands). Technology, perspective, conditioning, system, capitalisation. Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions MADE. Role: First mentor. [in development].
  2. (2022) Towards a Circular Food Landscape in Peri-urban Neighbourhoods: A case study of Brasilândia, a district in São Paulo, Brazil, by Sofia Valentini (Brazil/Italy), MADE. Role: First mentor. Second mentor: Clemens Driessen (WUR)
  3. (2022) Housing co-op: a new sustainable housing form? by Madelief Ritt. Keywords: housing cooperative, housing co-ops, sustainable housing, collective housing, collaborative housing, wooncoöperatie. Role: First mertor. Second mentor: Maartje van der Knaap (WUR).
  4. (2022) Justice in the Redevelopment of Urban Heritage Sites: An analysis of Socio-Spatial Justice in the Redevelopment of the North Shore area, Liverpool. by Matthew Roberts (UK).Keywords: Socio-spatial justice, Policy, Arrangement Approach, Urban redevelopment, Heritage. Role: first mentor. Second mentor: Karin Peters (WUR).
  5. (2021) I wish I had a river: Water Governance and the Implementation of Water sensitive Solutions for the City of Tepic [Mexico], by Roberto Carlos Marquez Estrada (Mexico). Role: First mentor, Second mentor: dr Jessica Wreyford (Wageningen University & Research).
  6. (2021) CLEARing a path for accessible green citizen participation in Amsterdam: Examining influential factors regarding participation in green citizen initiatives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Carla ten Kate (The Netherlands). First mentor: Dr. ir. Karin Peters (WUR). Second mentor: Roberto Rocco.
  7. (2021) Reflecting on Urban Agriculture as a tool for citizen engagement: A social practice perspective on urban agriculture for continuous citizen participation in sustainable spatial development in Amsterdam SE, The Netherlands. by Merel Schonagen (The Netherlands). Role: Second mentor. First mentor: dr. Sigrid Wertheim-Heck (Wageningen University & Research).

As part of a team of supervisors at TU Delft (second or third mentor)

  1. (2019) Satisfying Urban Thirst: Towards a water sensitive and inclusive urban ecosystem through the metabolism of Cape Town. Author: Dóra Hegyi (Hungary). Water management/ spatial justice/informal urbanisation. Landscape. Role: second mentor. First mentor: Kristel Aalbers.
  2. (2019) forEverglades City: Interdisciplinary design approach for a resilient, adaptive and sustainable (re)development of Everglades City. Author: Jean-Pierre Droge (The Netherlands). Nature restoration, interdisciplinary design approaches, ecological restorative approach., CERP, Florida, Everglades. First mentor: Nico Tilie. Second mentor: Roberto Rocco.
  3. (2018) Transformative Resilience: A Study of Derivative Form of Resilience in Informal Settlement (Case Study: Bukit Duri, Jakarta), Author: Ardian Wiratama ( Indonesia). Keywords: informal settlement, resilience, sustainability, flooding, vulnerability, Complex Cities, First mentor: Arie Romein.
  4. (2018) From Fearscapes to Public Spaces: A New Dialogue Between the Citizens & Their Democratic Public Domain. Author: Ipek Kahraman. Keywords: urban fear, fearscape, democratic public domain, spatial activism. Studio: Design of the Urban fabric. First mentor: L. M. Calabrese. Role: second mentor.
  5. (2017) Water From Within: How to decrease inter-basin water-transfer by enhancing Mexico City’s own potable water sources. Author: Sergio Abraham Berumen Milburn (Mexico). Keywords: Climate-adaptation, Urbanization, Fresh-water, Governance, Autonomy. Graduation Studio: Delta Interventions.
  6. (2017) The Public Carpet – renewal of post conflict transitioning districts: an inclusive urban design approach to public life, the case of Prishtina, Author: Thomas Victor Vink, Keywords: Post-Conflict Development, Walkability, Re-use, Public life, Quality of life. First mentor: L. Calabrese.
  7.  (2017) The lost and hidden water of São Paulo – The potentials of the natural system in city development strategies : Harm van der Zanden. Keyowrds: Climate adaptation, green/blue infrastructure, natural system, urban regeneration, São Paulo. Graduation Studio: Urban Metabolism.
  8. (2016) Spatial Water Management in Paraisópolis, São Paulo, Author: Willard van der Velden, Keywords: Urban Metabolism, Informal urbanisation, Brazil, Waste, Water management. First mentor: ir. Nico Tillie. Role: Second mentor.
  9. (2016) Bridging the gap, Creating common goals for flood risk management and urban poverty, Author: Nirul Ramkisor , Master thesis at Delta Interventions, Keywords: Coastal city, urban poverty, integrated strategy, delta, climate change adaptation, First mentor: Dr. Fransje Hooimeijer, Second mentor: Roberto Rocco, Third mentor: Taneha Bacchin.
  10. (2014) Building the future in a town of the past: A plan and strategy for the spatial integration of the university campus in DelftAuthor: Ruben Lentz (The Netherlands), Master thesis in Urbanism, Mentors: B. Hausleitner, R. Rocco.
  11. (2014) Brown Line Park: Regenerating abandoned industrial transportation infrastructures in the Ruhr area,  The case of Essen, Author: Ruahao Wu (China) (Landscape), Master thesis in, Landscape Architecture, Mentors: R. van der Velde, R. Rocco.
  12. (2013) People’s Commune 2.0 Reconfiguration: Developing a Participatory Strategy for Upgrading Chinese Post-danwei communities, Author: WU Xiayu (China) (Urbanism: Design as Politics), Masters thesis in Urbanism, Mentors: M. Relats, R. Rocco.
  13. (2013) Identity in Post-Disaster Re-Development: Research into the integration and incorporation of local identity in the re-development of Haiti’s urban slums, Author: Wouter Pocornie (Curacao) (Explore Lab), Master thesis in Urbanism. Mentors: A. van Timmerman, R. Rocco.
  14. (2012) Managing the workplace in a globalized worldAuthor: Evelien Plijter (the Netherlands) (RE&H), Masters thesis in Real Estate & Housing, Mentors: T. van der Voordt, R. Rocco.
  15. (2011) Urban Vitality: Exploring the centrality conditions (The Netherlands: Network Theory Applied To Urban Studies And Spatial Strategy: Centrality: Urban Geography), Author: Elena Selezneva (Russia), Masters thesis Urbanism, Mentors: Dubois, P.; Rocco, R., Keywords: macro centrality conditions, micro centrality conditions, urban centralities, urban vitality, tool for spatial research
  16. (2011) Corporate Socially Responsible – Real Estate Management: Understanding how a corporate real estate object interacts with society(The Netherlands: Real Estate & Housing: Governance: Corporations And Cities), Master thesis Architecture 2011-04-14, Author: Thyssen, J. (NL), Mentor: Van der Voordt, D.J.M. · Rocco, R.C., Keywords: CSR · CREM · society · corporate · management · responsible · real estate object.
  17.  (2010) Office Site Typology: a systematic approach to type construction of office sites based on spatial parameters (The Netherlands: Real Estate Typology Studies, Urban Typologies, Urban Geography), Author: Mariam Annali (RE&H) (NL), Masters thesis in Real Estate and Housing, Mentors: H. vande Putte, R. Rocco.
  18. (2010) Grow up Songjiang New Town: Analysis & Strategy to strength economic position of songjiang in regional network and the local self contained system(China: Regional To Urban Strategies For Development), Author: Hong Liu (China), Masters thesis in Urbanism, Mentors: Lei, Q.; van der Hoeven, F.; Rocco, R. Keywords: urban development, China, networks, strategic planning
  19. (2009) Knowledge Backbone: a new economic area in Rio de Janeiro’s urban voids (Brazil: Olympic Legacy: Urban Strategy), Author: Rafael Alencar Saraiva (Brazil), Masters thesis in Urbanism (Urban planning and design), Mentor team: van Nes, A.; Schuetze, T., Rocco, R.. Keywords: urban economy, voids, knowledge, creative, innovation
  20. (2009) Catching the train: Sustainable development of a connection to the European high-speed train network in Copenhagen(The Netherlands/ Denmark: Networks And Mobility Strategies), Master thesis Architecture 2009-03-27, Author: Tjitske Van Erp (NL), Mentor: Zandbelt, D.D. · Hermans, W.J.A. · Rocco, R., Keywords: HST · Copenhagen · strategy · urban project
  21. (2009) Casa de Cultura | Patos de Minas: spatial interventions to stimulate the development of a medium sized city in Brazil(Brazil: Urban Intervention: Development Strategies), Master thesis, Architecture 2009-04-01, Author: Van Loon, Matthijs (NL), Mentor: Nottrot, R.J. · Van Dooren, E.J.G.C. · Rocco, R., Keywords: Brazil · cultural centre · development

As part of a team of supervisors in other institutions (second or third mentor)

  1. (2012) Urban strategy and architectural design for the district 23 de Enero, Caracas, Venezuela, Author: Alexandra Voch (Bouwkunst Academie) (Germany), Master thesis in architectural design at the Bouwkunst Academie, Mentors: R. van Dolderen, C. Scheen, R. Rocco

Most graduation projects are available for download from the TU DELFT ACADEMIC REPOSITORY

As co-leader of the design and research studio at the European Masters of Urbanism (EMU), Mobile Strategies and Metropolitan Strategies semester (in collaboration with Dr. Remon Rooij, ir. Daan Zandbelt, Dr. Alexander Wandl, Dr. Victor Sanz, and ir. Luiz Carvalho).

  1. EMU Fall 2019. Spatial Strategies for the Just City: A vision for inclusive and fair sustainability transitions in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA). Authors: Meri Zheng (China), Ana Lizeth Salinas (Mexico), Marija Beg (Croatia), Jui-Yi Hung (Taiwan), Abhinand Gopal Pulijala (India), Pranit Ravindra Nevrekar (India), Federico Bernal (Colombia), Enrico Corvi (Italy), Joan Sanz (Catalonia), Esther Boo (South Korea), Yu Wen Lin (Taiwan). Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Luiz Carvalho Filho.
  2. EMU Fall 2018. Urban Region Networks. Automation and the Changing Landscape of Work II: A Strategy for the Metropolitan Region The Hague-Rotterdam. Authors: Francesca Palancri (Italy), Yigang Li (China), Karoline Fischer (Brazil), James MacDonald-Nelson (Canada), Carolina Fiallo Cardona (Colombia), Javier Tobias Gonzales (Spain), Sijin Chen (China), Karel van Oordt Montalvo (Peru), Manola Colabianchi (Italy), Rafael Cohen (Brazil), Yuxi Wu (China), Mahmoud Salahaldeen Ahmadi Alsati (Jordan), Marina Visic (Serbia). Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Victor Sanz. 
  3. EMU Fall 2017. Automation and the Changing Landscape of Work: A Strategy for the Region of South Holland. Authors: Ricardo Avella (Venezuela), Laura Germania German (Mexico), Pablo Muñoz (Spain), Valentina Tridello (Italy), Carola Vega (Peru), Xinyu Xiao (China), Huanzhou Ye (China). Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Victor Sanz.
  4. EMU Fall 2016. The Quarter Million Question: How can Building a Quarter Million Homes Push Forward the Sustainable Network City Region? Students: Antoine Canazzi (France), Julio Vaitsman (Brazil), Zhouyiqi Chen (China), Jean-Baptiste Peters (France), Cristina Wong (Peru), Florencia Rodríguez Balzarini (Argentina), Julia Daibert (Brazil), Vladimir Tapia (Ecuador), Monika Novkovikj (Serbia), Maricruz Gazel (Costa Rica), Rajat Dinesh Uchil (India). Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Alexander Wandl.
  5. EMU Fall 2015. Metropooling the Zuidvleugel 2040. Authors: Chen Yun-Shih (China), Daniel Ferrer (Germany) , Estefania McLaurin Moreno (Mexico), Fecianti (Indonesia), Iulia Sirbu (Romania), Ke Zhang (China), Juliana Nakagawa Fernandes (Brazil), Lin Wei-Yun (China), Magdalini Papadam (Greece), Pablo Pajares, Rebeca Rabello (Brazil), Sanjana Ahmed (Bangladesh), Tatiana Rojas Molina (Colombia), Vincent Babes (Romania), Yan Jingyue (China). Fall 2015. Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Daan Zaandbelt. 
  6. EMU Fall 2014.  The Knowledge Ecosystem: Towards a coherent knowledge-based spatial development. Authors: Alexandra Ergamina (Russia), Betti Lamelo (Venezuela), Nashira Covarrubia (Venezuela), Geraldine de Neuville (Belgium), Wanseo Park (South Korea). Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Daan Zaandbelt.
  7. EMU Fall 2013. Crossing Borders: Next_BRABANT: Reweaving the urban Carpet for new cross border territorial cooperations between the Netherlands and Belgium. Authors: Andrea Verni (Cyprus) and Montserrat Pantoja (Chile) Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Daan Zaandbelt.
  8. EMU Fall 2012A Spatial Strategy for Rotterdam-Den Haag: An Emerging Urban Region Network, Authors: Jane Bobkova (Russia), Luiz Carvalho (Brazil), Anastasia Chranioti (Greece), Germana Pinheiro Camara (Brazil), Reeshu Gupta (India), Antonio Sanna (Italy), Mrudhula Seo Koshy (India), Katherine Sundermann (Australia), Aditya Suresh Deshmukh (India), Andrea Überbacher (Austria), S. Xiao (China), M. Zhang (China), Course final research and design report, European Masters of Urbanism (Fall 2012). Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Daan Zaandbelt.
  9. EMU Fall 2011. Randstad and São Paulo: Mobility and Urbanization in two strategies, Authors: Olga Balaoura (Greece), Claudiu Forgaci (Romania), Jesus Garate (Spain), Lenin Garcia (Mexico), M. Guo (China), Carlos R. Salinas (Mexico), Arthur Shakhbazyan (Russia), Course final research and design report, European Masters of Urbanism (Fall 2011), Mentors: Roberto Rocco and Daan Zaandbelt. Contribution to the International Architectural Biennale of Rotterdam.
  10. EMU Fall 2010. Utrecht: a place for knowledge? (NETHERLANDS: SPATIAL REGIONAL STRATEGY: MOBILITY: NETWORKS), Authors: Lauren Abrahams (Canada), Eline Bugarin (Mexico), Adrian Hill (Australia), A. Jani (India), Tahereh Keimanesh (Iran), Vahid Kumarsi (Iran), Y. Zhang (China), Course final research and design report, European Masters of Urbanism (Fall 2010), Mentors: Remon Rooij, Roberto Rocco, and Daan Zaandbelt.
  11. EMU Fall 2009. Ruropolis in the making: A strategic approach for the Dutch Province of South Holland (NETHERLANDS: SPATIAL REGIONAL STRATEGY: MOBILITY: URBAN NETWORKS). Authors: Birgit Hausleitner (Austria), Tiffiny Hodgson (New Zealand), Nika Jazaei (Iran), Hamed Khosravi (Iran), Eleanna Kotsikou (Greece), Kaveh Rashidzadeh (Iran), Alexander Wandl (Austria). Course final research and design report, European Masters of Urbanism. Mentors: Remon Rooij and Roberto Rocco.
  12. EMU Fall 2008. Looping the Archipelago: a strategy for the Southwing of Randstad Holland 2040(NETHERLANDS: SPATIAL REGIONAL STRATEGY: MOBILITY: URBAN NETWORKS). Authors: Matei Bogoescu (Romania), Valentina Grimaldi (Italy), Anneleen Maesen (Belgium), Bardia Mashhoudi (Iran), Patrizia Sulis (Italy). Course final research and design report, European Masters of Urbanism (Fall 2008), Mentors: Remon Rooij and Roberto Rocco.

Graduation Projects EMU

  1. (2020) Local dynamics for a decentralized future: possible strategies for intermediate cities in Peru. Author: Carola Vega (Peru). UPC, TU Delft. First mentor: Dr. Miquel Martí (UPC). Second mentor: Roberto Rocco (TU Delft). 
  2. (2020) Guaranteeing Quality for Social Housing: Key to ght urban poverty in Mexican cities. Author: Laura Germania German German (Mexico). UPC/TU Delft. First mentor: Tonet Font (UPC). Second mentor: Roberto Rocco (TU Delft).
  3. (2020) Blurred Boundaries: Towards an integrated governance system beyond the Zuid [in the South Wing of the Randstad]. Author: Florencia Rodriguez (Argentina). Mentors: Joaquín Sabaté Bel (UPC) and Roberto Rocco (TU Delft). 
  4. (2018) Social and Spatial Integration of Social Housing: Case Study in Juiz de Fora, Brazil. Author: Julia Daibert (Brazil). Mentors: Miguel Corominas (ETSAB, UPC) and Roberto Rocco (TU Delft).
  5. (2018) Metropolitan borders: A mobility strategy to redistribute the territory based on mass transportation systems in the metropolitan region of Recife, Brazil. Author: Julio Vaitsman de Faria (Brazil). Mentors: Joaquín Sabaté Bel (UPC) and Roberto Rocco (TU Delft).
  6. (2017) Design Methods for a water-sensitive city: Brasilia as a case study. Author: Rebeca Rabello (Brazil). Mentors: Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, Roberto Rocco and Paola Viganò.
  7. (2009)  From Public Space to Public Domain. Author: Mariana Faver (EMU) (Brazil). European Masters of Urbanism graduation thesis. Mentors: Daan Zaandbelt and Roberto Rocco. Keywords: Brazil, Urban Design of Public Spaces, Connectivity, Public Realm and Social Integration. 

As part of the TU Delft HONOURS track

  1. (2020) Migration Flow Management and Urban Regeneration in the Mediterranean: the case of Greece. Honours track Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). Author: Konstantina Schoina. Mentor: Roberto Rocco. BK Honours Master Programme 2019-2020.

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