Doctoral supervision

Completed projects

2014 “Understanding culture in territorial management and its implications for spatial planning: The case of floodplain management in urbanised delta regions in the Netherlands and Thailand” , Rongwiriyaphanich, S. . Promotor: Professor Vincent Nadin. Daily supervisor: Roberto Rocco. Defended in 2014. Keywords: Planning cultures, comparative planning studies, floodplain management, the commons. More information HERE.

2019 “Urban Informality Shaped by Labor: Addressing the spatial logics of favelas”, Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti. Promotor: Professor Dick van Gameren. Co-promotor: Roberto Rocco. Defence in Sept. 2019.  Keywords: labour and urban form, favelas, urban geography, labour and space.

2021 Sergio Vieda (Colombia)  “Housing Informality beyond the Urban Poor: Spatialities, Public Institutions, and Social Injustice in Rich Settlements of Bogotá”, Gran Sasso Science Institute Italy. Main supervisor: Dr Francesco Chiodelli.  Roberto’s role: External advisor.

On-Going Projects

2023-2026 Promotor Adam Susaneck (US). Working title: Segregation by Design: How has infrastructure been used in the United States to promote racial segregation. Roberto’s role: Promotor. Daily supervisor: Caroline Newton.

2021-2024 Promotor Yizhao DU (China). Working title: Sustainable development policies: promoter for sustainable transformation of secondary post-industrial cities or not? Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei mega-region, China as a study case. Roberto’s role: Promotor. Daily supervisor: Rodrigo Viseu Cardoso.

2021-2024 Promotor Fouad Alasiri (Saudi Arabia). Working title “Cultural and Social Norms Impact on Urban Policies. Public Participation in Saudi cities”. Roberto’s role: Promotor. Daily supervisor: Marcin Dabrowski.

2021-2024 Promotor Diwen TAN (China). Working title: “Cultural and ecological value of neglected spaces towards inclusive urbanism: a case study in Shenzhen”. Roberto’s role: Promotor. Daily supervisor: Gregory Bracken.

2020-2023 Co-promotor. Ana Jayone Yarza Perez (Spain). Working title: “Deep Adaptive Reuse: A response to the 21st century urban challenges”. (Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel). Roberto’s role: Co-Promotor. Main promotor: Frank van der Hoeven.

2019-2022 Member of the supervisory panel of the thesis. Géraldine de Neuville,”Integrating, securing and formalising a (in)formal system of solid waste management by means of research by design”, Université de Louvain. Supervisors: Dr Jean-Philippe De Visscher and Dr Chloé Salembier. 

Membership of doctoral committees

DEC 2022. (TU Delft) Dr Boram Kim, “Housing Justice as Expansion of People’s Capabilities for Housing Proposal for principles of housing policy and evaluation of housing inequality

OCT 2020. (TU Delft) Dr Rachel E. Keeton, “African New Towns: An adaptive, principle-based planning approach”. Promotors: Prof. V.J. (Han) Meyer Delft University of Technology, promotor: M.G. Elsinga, Dr. M.E.A. Haffner, daily supervisor. Delft University of Technology.

APR 2020. (POLITO) Dr. Maurizio Pioletti, “Spatial Governance in the Latin American and Caribbean Region: A survey on metropolitan areas in Brazil, Bolivia and Cuba”, Politecnico di Torino, Supervisors: Prof. Umberto Janin Rivolin, (Supervisor) and Prof. Luciana de Oliveira Royer, Universidade de São Paulo (Co-Supervisor).

OCT 2019. (UvA) Dr Sara Özogul, “Transformative Spatial Governance: New Avenues for Comprehensive Planning in Fragmented Urban Development”. University of Amsterdam, Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen. Promotor: Tuna Tasan-Kok.

MAY 2019 (UIC Barcelona) Dr Nasr Chamma,“Integrated Sustainable Settlements, as Future Refugee Camps. case-Studies: Syrian Refugee Settlements in Jordan, Turkey and Jordan”. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Carmen Mendoza Arroyo of UIC-Barcelona Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. -Ing. Annette Rudolph-Cleff of TU-Darmstadt 

DEC 2017. (Universidad de Sevilla) Dr Irene Luque Martin,  “Descodificando la Planificación Urbana Contemporánea: Hacia una alternativa metodológica para una planificación colaborativa”. University of Sevilla, Department of Urbanism and Territorial Management. Promotors: D. Victoriano Sainz Gutierrez and D. Antonio Piñero Valverde.

JUNE 2016. (POLIMI) Dr Nabil Menhem, “The Role of the Resilience Concept in Informing Regional: Policy Approaches at Multiple Territorial Scales”, Politecnico di Milano, Department of Planning. Promotor: Professor Bruno Dente, Chair of the Doctoral Program: Professor Costanzo Ranci.