Doctoral supervision

 2014 “Understanding culture in territorial management and its implications for spatial planning: The case of floodplain management in urbanised delta regions in the Netherlands and Thailand” , Rongwiriyaphanich, S. . Promotor: Professor Vincent Nadin. Daily supervisor: Roberto Rocco. Defended in 2014. Keywords: Planning cultures, comparative planning studies, floodplain management, the commons. More information HERE.

 2019 “Urban Informality Shaped by Labor: Addressing the spatial logics of favelas”, Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti. Promotor: Professor Dick van Gameren. Co-promotor: Roberto Rocco. Defence in Sept. 2019.  Keywords: labour and urban form, favelas, urban geography, labour and space.

Member of doctoral committees

DEC 2017. Dr. Irene Luque Martin,  “Descodificando la Planificación Urbana Contemporánea: Hacia una alternativa metodológica para una planificación colaborativa”. University of Sevilla, Department of Urbanism and Territorial Management. Promotors: D. Victoriano Sainz Gutierrez and D. Antonio Piñero Valverde.

JUNE 2016. Dr. Nabil Menhem, “The Role of the Resilience Concept in Informing Regional: Policy Approaches at Multiple Territorial Scales, Politecnico di Milano, Department of Planning. Promotor: Professor Bruno Dente, Chair of the Doctoral Program: Professor Costanzo Ranci.