Urban Thinkers Campus TU Delft

To get a complete overview of the UTC, please click HERE. You can find a preliminary summary of the UTC at the WORLD URBAN CAMPAIGN website.
On 7, 8 and 9 June 2017, the Department of Urbanism of the TU Delft organised an URBAN THINKERS CAMPUS.
UTCs are sponsored by the World Urban Campaign and UN-HABITAT. They are supposed to gather stakeholders in order to discuss specific urban development issues and agree on policy commitments.
Our UTC is a bit different. We gathered stakeholders from the academic and educational worlds, as well as NGOs, companies and government agencies, to discuss how best to TEACH and LEARN issues related to and stemming from the #NewUrbanAgenda
Our main question was ‘how to prepare young professionals to understand and implement the New Urban Agenda in very diverse national and local environments’? This was an initiative from TU Delft in partnership with TU-Eindhoven, IHS-Erasmus Rotterdam, Arcadis and others.
Our UTC discussed strategies, methodologies, literature and practical exercises that can be implemented in higher education courses. This will also be a moment to meet like-minded people, engage in debate and form new partnerships.
You can find a preliminary summary of the UTC at the WORLD URBAN CAMPAIGN website.
You can read an article published at CITISCOPE about the UTC HERE.
I wrote two articles outlining my vision for TU Delft and the teaching of the New Urban Agenda at B-Nieuws, the independent magazine of Bouwkunde.
For more information, please write to r.c.rocco@tudelft.nl