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Urban Governance Research Network: Land and Policy Issues in Urban Regeneration Projects

How to interpret the role of neoliberal ideology on the emerging trajectories of urban regeneration? Webinar series organised by UGoverRN, March 10 2022., coordinated by Professor Tuna Tasan-Kok, University of Amsterdam. With Professor Sevkiye Sense Türk (Istanbul Technical University) and Joanna Kusiak (King’s College/ University of Cambridge) and Roberto Rocco.

Webinar “Brede welvaart”

Period: 28 Jan 2022, R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira (speaker), Martin de Jong (Chair of programme committee),Spatial Planning and Strategy, Degree of recognition: NationalDocuments: 

Webinar ‘Brede Welvaart’ | Erasmus University Rotterdam

Brede Welvaart presentation by Roberto Rocco

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Meeting of Schools of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Euro-Mediterranean region

How to strengthen links and boost the capacity of schools of architecture and planning in the region

9/12/21 (Online)

RETE CONFERENCE: The Union for the Mediterranean Strategic Urban Action Plan 2040

RETE Conference: (Re)Tooling the Port City Territory: People, Planning and Participation2/12/21 → 4/12/21Delft, Netherlands, Keywords: Port Cities, ports, UfM, Union for the Mediterranean, UfM Action Plan, policy making, policy diffusion, policy transfer



RETE flyer01 fin

RETE Rotterdam Schedule Draft v 28 nov CH (36)

Participation in the “Codes and Urban Form” (NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan)

Introduction to Informal Urbanisation in the Global South, DEC 2021

Codes and Urban Form: Among various factors, codes and regulations are major determinants of urban form particularly in a modern society. These codes, including land use laws, design guidelines, buildings codes, and street standards, were legislated for various reasons but control the development at different conditions and scales which in terms constitute a dialectics of urbanism. This course will analyze the built form from the perspective of development controls, and focus on the interactions between codes and the built environment, including the city, neighborhoods, streets and buildings. Legal precedents, from early attempt to codify the urban form, planned communities to contemporary cases studies will be examined to illustrate the evolution and impacts of codes. In order to understand the elements of place-making which give an area its identity, the fabric of several districts and neighborhoods in various cities will be explored. Participants of this course will expect to understand the codes that shaped the built environment from the perspective of pattern, use and form. Students will also have an opportunity to critique existing regulations and to conduct research on different types of development controls, preservation and design guidelines.

The UfM Strategic Urban Action Plan 2040: The role of universities

Meeting of Schools of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Euro-Mediterranean region: How to strengthen links and boost the capacity of schools of architecture and planning in the region, 9 Dec 2021.



Schools of Architecture Meeting 9 Dec 21


Links: (UfM Action Plan)

APEB Keynote: The Spatial Justice of Urban Sustainability

Brazil research Day: APEB-NL International Conference: Inter and Trans Disciplinarity: New Objects, Subjects and Practices, 20 Nov 2021


Final program

I Research day (1)


Teacher’s training program (TTP) L S Raheja School of Architecture of Mumbai

L S Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai 5 Oct 2021 (online)

Marmara Urban Forum 2021: Cities Developing Solutions: Re-Think, Co-Act:

UNI-Habitat Session, 3 OCT 2021 Istanbul, Turkey (online)

Keywords: New Urban Agenda, SDGs, UN-Habitat UNI, Education for the City We Need, Education NUA, Urban Sustainability, Spatial Justice




ISCTE-IUL: Just and Inclusive city | Talks

R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira (Speaker), Sara Eloy (Speaker), Stefania Stellacci (Speaker) & Rosalia Guerreiro (Speaker)22 Sep 2021

Regeneration of Spaces, Spaces of Regeneration

Summer School TU Dresden 202130/08/21 → 12/09/21, Dresden, Germany

Keywords: Spatial Justice, Theory of Justice, Sustainable Urban Development, SDGs, SDG11, Spatial Planning, Summer School



The IURA SDU Urban Resilience Intensive Training 2021

19 Jul 2021 → 30 Jul 2021


BLOXHUB 2021 Spatial Justice


The Urban Resilience Intensive Training 2021 brings together policymakers, practitioners and researchers for two intensive weeks (online), 19th – 30th of July 2021. The training aims at expanding the participants’ knowledge on policies, tools, strategic and action planning for resilient urban transition, responding to the need for systemic change in tackling global challenges, for a just and green transition, with a specific focus on COVID-19 recovery and climate change interplay. Organisation: University of Southern Denmark.

Keynote: Open City: The Spatial Justice of Urban Sustainability | The Open City Initiative

16 Mar 2021



Keynote: Open City: The Spatial Justice of Urban Sustainability | The Open City Initiative – Current


Ciudades y Territorios Sostenibles del Ecuador: Urbanización informal en tiempos de Corona (event in Spanish).

UN-Habitat Global Urban Lecture: The Spatial Justice of the Commons

UfM Meeting Review on the “UfM Strategic Urban Development Action Plan 2040”: Review of the UfM Action Plan by UfM Country Representatives

  • 29 Jun 2020
  • Speakers:
    • R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira (speaker), C.M. Hein (speaker), R.M. Rooij (speaker), D.K. Czischke (speaker), Victoria Jimenez Tejero (UfM, moderator), Ayse Asya (UfM, speaker), Jyoti Hosagrahar (UNESCO, Speaker), Julie Lawson (RMIT, Speaker), Wallis Goelen-Vandebrok (DG Regio), Laura Liger (DG Regio).
  • Degree of recognition: International
  • Documents: 
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The Dutch Delta Programme: Water Management for a Climate Proof Future

  • Period: 25 Jun 2020
  • Degree of recognition: International
  • Links: 
    • Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning (REAP) was the first interdisciplinary research group formed at the HafenCity University by members of different subject areas (Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, Landscape Planning, Building Physics, Building Materials Technology, Building Construction, Acoustics, Technical Urban Infrastructure Systems, Environmental Planning and Planning Law). The REAP-group specialises in addressing the current and future issues facing our towns and cities.), Hafen-City University, Germany. Keywords: climate change adaptation, water management, Dutch spatial planning, urban resilience, room for the river, delta Programme

9 June 2020: WEBINAR Spatial Justice Network. Organised by Dr. Russel Smith (Winston-Salem State University, NC, US) and Dr. Roberto Rocco (TU Delft). The objective of this webinar was the launching of a network if more than 150 scholars working with the notion of Spatial justice all around the world. Spatial Justice Network (SJN). Virtual Spring Meeting, Tuesday, June 9, 2020 12:00pm – 14:00pm EST, 17:00 – 19:00 CET. Visit our website. Subscribe to our network.

SDU RESILIENCE #4 WEBINAR: Just transition facing global crises: social (in)justice and (in)formalities The webinar will tackle the issue of just transition, and the importance of considering social aspects, as well as the principles of sustainability and development, when facing urban crises. The discussion will reflect on how the most vulnerable urban population, particularly in informal settlements, were affected and responded to the pandemic. Time: 8 June, 16:30-18:30 CET Please connect 10 – 15 minutes before Panellists: – David Jácome Polit, Municipality of Quito; Global Resilient Cities Network (GRCN)Marcus Mayr, UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme)Roberto Rocco, Technische Universiteit Delft Moderator: – Ombretta Caldarice, Politecnico di Torino, R3C WEBINAR SERIES: #4 WEBINAR: Registration: Recording: Contact information: IURA coordinator Nicola TollinSyddansk Universitet – University of Southern DenmarkSDU.Resilience with BLOXHUB

18 MAY 2020: Webinar Port-City Scenarios: During and After COVID-19. Organised by RETE: Association for Collaboration between Ports and Cities. In Collaboration with:

Port City Futures, Delft University of Technology, University of Georgia, Universidad Catolica del Uruguay, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

Speakers: Rinio Bruttomesso President RETE: Introduction; Carola Hein Editor PortusPlus, Director of Port City Futures: _Moderator; Vicent Esteban Universidad Politecnica de Valencia:_ Effects of COVID-19 on city and port plans. Valencia; Stephen Ramos University of Georgia:_Port Cities in Post-normal Time(s); Fernando Puntigliano, Universidad Catolica del Uruguay:_ Challenges of city development and port activities after Covid-19. Roberto Rocco & Carola Hein Delft University of Technology: The Union for the Mediterranean Strategic Urban Development Action Plan.

11 MAY 2020. Lecture: “Porqué debemos pensar en bienes públicos para diseñar la ciudad” (lecture in Spanish). Lecture for the course Proyecto de Arquitectura IV Sección 4, Professor Vanessa Zadel, Facultad de Arquitecture, Universidad de Lima. You can watch the lecture HERE (in Spanish). You can download the presentation HERE.

4 May 17:00 GMT+2. Talking about urban resilience: what changes for cities during a global crisis? Organised by Ombretta Caldarice from Politecnico di Torino on possible reconceptualisationS of URBAN RESILIENCE after the pandemics. Apart from Ombretta, this event features Nicola Tollin (University of Southern Denmark), Stefano Cozzolino ILS Sara Meerow (University of Arizona) and myself *(TU Delft). This webinar is a prelude for a PhD course we will give later in the year. Please, write to Ombretta to request a password for the event (Ombretta Caldarice <>

Slums in times of Corona, Online organised by POLIS (The TU Delft Urbanism students’ association) and the Global Urban Lab GUL, both TU Delft-based initiatives. April 14 on: 18:00 GMT+1. The talk is available HERE.

World Urban Forum 10 Networking Event: Understanding Urban resilience: Knowledge Gaps, Capacity Building; and Delivering Sustainable & Resilient Infrastructure. Organised by Professsor Nicola Tolin, the Southern Denmark University (SDU). 12 Feb 2020. More information HERE.

Myself, Rachel Keeton, Igor Pessoa and Luz Maria Vergara at the World Urban Forum, in Abu Dhabi.

World Urban Forum 10: Urban Thinkers Campus – World Urban Campaign World Urban Campaign Partners and UN-Habitat WUC Secretariat. R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira (Speaker), Igor Tempels Moreno Pessoa (Speaker), Luz Vergara d’Alençon (Speaker), Rachel Keeton (Speaker) 12 Feb 2020. Organised by the World Urban Campaign (WUC) and partners. More information HERE.

World Urban Forum 10 Training Event: The Spatial Justice of Slum Upgrading Strategies: frameworks for social sustainability. R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira (Speaker), Rachel Keeton (Speaker), Igor Tempels Moreno Pessoa (Speaker), Luz Vergara d’Alençon (Speaker), Claudio Acioly Jr. (Speaker). 11 Feb 2020. Organised by the Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy, Urbanism, TU Delft. More information HERE.

World Urban Forum 10: Universities Round Table. R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira (Speaker). 11 Feb 2020. Organised by UN-Habitat UNI Initiative. More information HERE.

World Urban Forum 10: Implementing the Urban Agenda – The role of the digital transformation and financing mechanisms. R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira (Speaker), Ayse Asya (Speaker). 10 Feb 2020. Organised by the Union for the Mediterranean. More information HERE.

UN-Habitat UNI initiative: Universities Booth at WUF 10. R.C. Rocco de Campos Pereira (Speaker), Rachel Keeton (Speaker), Igor Tempels Moreno Pessoa (Speaker), Luz Vergara d’Alençon (Speaker). 9 Feb 2020 → 10 Feb 2020. Organised by UN-Habitat UNI Initiative.

Specialising Master “Design for Development: Architecture, Urban Planning and Heritage in the Global South“, Politecnico di Milano. Lecture “Concepts of Spatial Justice & Implications for the Global South”, POLIMI, 24 SEPT 2019. room CS02.5 in via Durando 3A, Bovisa Campus, 14:00-16:00.

BLOXHUB Summer School on Urban Resilience (12-19 September 2019). BLOXHUB/ University of Southern Denmark/ Aalborg University. Copenhagen, Denmark. Lecture: The Spatial Justice of Socio-Technical Transitions.

Values for the Built Environment, Introduction to Values and Diversity, Opening of the ABE Master tracks. Thursday August 29 2019, 9:00-12:30, TU Delft Auditorium AULA.

AESOP Congress of Association of European School of Planning, 9-13 July, IUAV, Venice. https://www.aesop2019.euThe complex nexus between public institutions and informality“, round table organised by Francesco Chiodelli (Gran Sasso Science Institute), with Stefano Moroni, Rachelle Alterman, Willem Salet and Alessandro Coppola.

“Planning for the City We Need” First meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean, UfM Thematic Working Group on Urban Regeneration, 18 – 19 June 2019, Room 2C, Albert Borschette Congress Center, Rue Froissart 36, Brussels, Belgium. 

“What do we talk about when we talk about informality”, Seminar USES & SPACES, Université Catholique de Louvain à Bruxelles, 26 April 2019,

Feltrinelli Foundation, Milan, 4 April, 2019.”Formality/ Informality. How to take advantage of bottom-up and co-produced cities?” Visit the website of the event HERE. Event organised by Paola Piscitelli (F. Feltrinelli) and Alessandro Frigerio (Politecnico di Milano).

Brazilië avond met de JSA en JDPublic · Hosted by Jonge Socialisten Amsterdam and Jonge Democraten.  Teatro Munganga, Amsterdam. Presentation on the Rise of Far Right and Urbanisation in Brazil.  THU 28 FEB, 2019. 19:00-22:00.

Course Brazil for Dutch teachers, Ruppert Building, Uithof, University of Utrecht, Tuesday 11 December 2018.

BOUWKUNDE TU Delft AFRICA DAY , NOV 20 2018 Africa Day 2018, Hosted by African Perspectives +12 Tuesday, 20 November 2018 from 09:30-16:30 UTC+01, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment TU Delft, Julianalaan 134, 2628 BL Delft

LANDaC International Land Conference Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development30 June – 1 July 2016, Muntgebouw, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Salzburg Congress for Urban Planning and Development (SCUPAD), May 12 – 15, 2016, Cities Beyond Tools: Confronting Poverty & Climate Change, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  and SCUPAD Student Workshop, May 16-20, 2016.

New Urban Languages: Re-imaging the city after the knowledge-based turn (Milan June 2013). Lecture: What is Governance and why it is important for urban planning and designing”.

International Conference on River Basin Planning and Management (Taipei, May 2013), New Taipei City Hall, Discussant to information and management project devised by NCKU for the government of Taiwan.

iCities International Forum on Innovative Planning (Tainan, May 2013), National Cheng-Kung University at Tainan (Taiwan): “Operating Sustainability: Teaching Sustainability on Planning Education”: Title of speech: Integrating Sustainability into Planning Education from an International Perspective. Presentation available at:

International Conference on Urban Development (Prague, May 2013), organised by cabinet of the mayor of Prague and the Stavebni Forum. Lecture: “The emergence of regional governance”. Lecture available at

44th SCUPAD Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development (Salzburg, May, 2012), “Front page Planning: Before and After Major Events, Disasters, and Social Unrest” Lecture: “Rio Olympic Legacy: Missed Opportunities”. Presentation available at:

iCities International Forum on Innovative Planning (Tainan, October 2012) National Cheng-Kung University at Tainan (Taiwan): “Globalisation and Planning Education”. Lecture ”Teaching for Urbanism: A didactical experience in a newly academicized area”. Presentation available at:

International Seminar “From Creative Cities to Urban Creativity: Economy, Culture and Governance in the Contemporary City” (Lisbon, December 2009), Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon.Lecture: “Cultural Policies for the Dual City: Culture, Territory and Citizenship in Sao Paulo”. Presentation available at:

IV Projetar 2009: Design as Research: Teaching, Research and Practice (Sao Paulo, October 2009), Mackenzie Presbyterian University of Sao Paulo, Lecture: “A pedagogical proposal in an area of epistemological uncertainty”

37th SCUPAD Salzburg Congress for Urban Planning and Development (Salzburg, May 2006). “Rapidly Expanding Cities in an Urbanising World”. Lecture: “Building a South American Metropolis: Issues of Development in Sao Paulo, Brazil”. Presentation available at