My publications

Please, visit these websites for a complete overview of my publications: ORCID, PURE and SCOPUS

Public Policy

Rocco, R., Hein, C. M., & Rooij, R. M. (2021). The UfM Strategic Urban Development Action Plan 2040: For sustainable, resilient, and inclusive cities and communities in the Mediterranean. Union for the Mediterranean.

Rocco, R., Hein, C. M., & Rooij, R. M. (2021). The UfM Strategic Urban Development Action Plan 2040 – Axis of Intervention 1 Housing Action Plan: For inclusive, integrated, and sustainable urban development and regeneration. Union for the Mediterranean.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Pojani, D., & Rocco, R. (2020). Edutainment: Role-Playing versus Serious Gaming in Planning Education. Journal of Planning Education and Research

Dąbrowski, M., Spaans, M., Fernandez-Maldonado, A. M., & Rocco, R. (2020). Cohesion Policy and the citizens’ perceptions of the EU: the role of communication and implementation. European Planning Studies29 (2021)(5), 827-843.

Rocco, R. (2020). Text and image: The relationship between text and image in research. In M. Hoekstra, L. Lousberg, R. Rooij, W. Wilms Floet, & S. Zijlstra (Eds.), Inzicht: Academische vaardigheden voor bouwkundigen 2020-2021_Q1 (pp. 141-153). Delft University of Technology.

Pojani, D., Kimpton, A., & Rocco, R. (2019). Planning Students’ Conceptions of Research. Journal of Planning Education and Research.

Rocco, R., Royer, L., & Mariz Gonçalves, F. (2019). Characterization of Spatial Planning in Brazil: The Right to the City in Theory and Practice. Planning Practice and Research

Rocco, R. (Ed.) (2019). Introduction to Special Theme Practice Forum: Latin American Spatial Planning beyond Clichés. Planning Practice and Research34(4), 365-367.

Tempels Moreno Pessoa, I., Vergara d’Alençon, L., Korthals Altes, W., & Rocco, R. (2019). Rethinking Planning Education using Massive Open Online Courses:the Case of Rethink the City. Transactions of the Association of European Schools of Planning, 72.

Rocco, R. (2016). “Policy Frameworks for Energy Transition in England: Challenges in a Former Industrial City.” Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning 5 (Special Issue on Planning for Resource Efficient Cities ): 41-52.

Wandl, A., et al. (2016). “Towards sustainable territories-in-between: a multidimensional typology of open spaces in Europe.” Planning Practice and Research 32(1): 55-84.

Plijter, E. B., van der Voordt, T. J. M., & Rocco, R. (2014). Managing the workplace in a globalized world: the role of national culture in workplace management, Facilities, 32 (13/14), 744-760.

Ballegooijen, J. V. & Rocco, R. (2013). The ideologies of informality: Informal urbanization in the architectural and planning discourses. Third World Quarterly, 34, 1794-1810.

Rocco, R., Biggs, M., & Buchler, D. (2011). The academicization of the arts and the challenge of research methods training: a European experience. International Journal of Technology and Design Education.

Edited books

Rocco, Roberto (Editor) ; Newton, C.E.L. (Editor) ; Vergara d’Alençon, L.M. (Editor) ; van der Watt, A. (Editor) ; Tellez Angel, N. (Editor) ; Ramaiah Perumalsamy, G.B. (Editor) ; Subendran, J. (Editor) ; Rocco, R., Newton, C. E. L., Vergara d’Alençon, L. M., van der Watt, A., Tellez Angel, N., Ramaiah Perumalsamy, G. B., Subendran, J., Caradonna, G. E. F. E., Meneses Di Gioia Ferreira, L., & Tempels Moreno Pessôa, I. (Eds.) (2021). A Manifesto for the Just City. TU Delft Open.

Rocco, R., & Ballegooijen, J. v. (Eds.). (2019). The Routledge Handbook on Informal Urbanization. London, New York: Routledge. You can buy the book HERE. Please, see a detailed description of this project HERE.

Rocco, R. (Ed.) (2018). Jane Jacobs is still here:  Jane Jacobs 100, her legacy and relevance for the 21st century. Delft: Delft University of Technology. Please, download the book HERE.

Rocco, R., & Silva, S. d. (Eds.). (2018). Cities and Citizenship, Conference of the Netherlands Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Delft: Delft University of Technology. Please, download the book HERE.

PhD Dissertation

Rocco, R. (2008). An Urban Geography of Globalisation: New Urban Structures in the Age of Hyper-Connectivity, Delft, IFoU. Please, download the thesis HERE.

Book chapters

Rocco, R., Royer, L., Kara José, B., & Carvalho, H. (2021). The Impacts of Socio-Spatial Inequity: COVID-19 in São Paulo. In B. Doucet, R. van Melik, & P. Filion (Eds.), Global Reflections on COVID-19 and Urban Inequalities series: Volume 1: Community and Society (pp. 129-139). Bristol University Press.

Rocco, R., Newton, C. E. L., Vergara d’Alençon, L. M., Tempels Moreno Pessôa, I., & van der Watt, A. (Eds.) (2021). The New Urban Normal: Urban Sustainability and Resilience Post COVID-19: TU Delt Urban Thinkers Campus June/July 2020. Delft University of Technology.

Rocco, R., Donoso, R. E. (Ed.), & Carrion, A. (Ed.) (2021). Urbanización informal en tiempos de corona: Cómo el coronavirus podría cambiar la forma como tratamos a la urbanización informal. In R. E. Donoso, & A. Carrion (Eds.), Ciudades y territorios sostenibles: Aportes desde la academia (pp. 31-36). (Alianza para el Desarollo Sostenible). FLACSO Ecuador.

Rocco, R. (2017). Planning for Rights: Bewildered young planners in Brazil, in T. Tasan-Kok and M. Oranje (Eds.), From student to urban planner: Contemporary ethical challenges and reflections of a young practitioner. New York, Routledge.

Rocco, R. (2012). An urban geography of knowledge-intensive service firms: the case of São Paulo In: GEENHUIZEN, M. V. & NIJKAMP, P. (Eds.), The Knowledge City, Social and Policy Perspectives. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.

Rocco, R. (2006). Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Growth: The Role of FDI in the Tertiary Sector in Triggering Development. IN HOEVEN, F. V. D. & ROSEMANN, J. (Eds.) Urban Transformations and Sustainability: Progress of Research Issues in Urbanism 2005. Delft, DUP/ IOS Press.

Rocco, R. (2006). Economic Flexibilization and Denationalisation in Brazil During the 1990s. IN HOGENBOOM, B. & JILBERTO, A. F. (Eds.) Big Business on the Rise: Conglomerates and Economic Groups in Developing Countries and Transition Economies under Globalisation. London, Routledge.

Rocco, R. (2005). Reason, Capital and Urban Space: The New Role for Urban Planning in Triggering Societal Change. In HULSBERGEN, E., KLAASEN, I. & KRIENS, I. (Eds.) Shifting Sense: Looking Back to the Future in Spatial Planning. Amsterdam, Techne Press.

Rocco, R. (2005). La Operación Urbana Faria Lima: Un Nuevo Marco Legal. IN CARMONA, M. (Ed.) Globalización y Grandes Proyectos Urbanos: La Respuesta De 25 Ciudades. Buenos Aires, Infinito.

Rocco, R. (2004). The Urban Geography of Globalisation: Advanced Producer Services and Urban Change. In M. Carmona & M. Schoonraad (Eds.), Globalization and Urban Transformation (Vol. 12). Delft: DUP.

Rocco, R. (2003). New Legal Framework and the Return of the Large Urban Projects: Urban Operation Faria Lima, Sao Paulo. In M. Carmona, M. Schoonraad, & D. Tunas (Eds.), Globalization, Urban Form & Governance (Vol. 7). Delft: Delft University Press.

Rocco, R. (2002). The creation of a new corporate axis in Sao Paulo. In M. Carmona & M. Schoonraad (Eds.), Globalization, Urban Form & Governance 6 (Vol. 6, pp. 93-114). Delft: Delft University Press.

Rocco, R. (2001). FDI and World Cities: Establishing Parameters for Comparison. In M. Carmona, J. Rosemann, & M. Schoonraad (Eds.), Globalization, Urban Form and Governance (Vol. 5, pp. 49-73). Delft: Delft University Press.

Edited conference and symposiums reports

Rocco, R. (Ed.) (2018). African Perspectives PrepCon, Addis Ababa, 25-27 Jan 2018: Executive Report. The African Perspectives PrepCon, Addis Ababa, EiABC, TU Delft.

Rocco, R. (Ed.) (2018). Education for the City We Need: How to teach the New Urban Agenda? Report of Event at the World Urban Forum 9, Kuala Lumpur 7-13 Feb 2018, Delft: TU Delft.

Rocco, R. (Ed.) (2017). Urban Thinkers Campus: Education for the City We Need, How do we teach the New Urban Agenda? (Vol. 1). Delft: Delft University of Technology.

Rocco, R. & Villa, D. (2015). New Urban Languages: Tales and images of spatial justice, 3rdNew Urban Languages Conference, Delft University of Technology 24-26 JUN 2015, Delft: TU Delft.

Other significant texts

Rocco, R. (2017). Why Governance will make urban design and planning better: Dealing with the communicative turn in urban planning and design. Nairobi, World Urban Campaign, UN-Habitat.

Rocco, R. (2010). Spatial Structural Change and Socio-Spatial Duality under Globalisation: the case of Sao Paulo. In: KLAUFUS, C. & ZOMMERS, A., (Eds.) Latin American Studies Association: From Crisis to recovery, Chicago. LASA.

Biggs, M., Buchler, D., Rocco, R., & SCHJERVEN, C. (2010). The production of academic research and some barriers to academicisation in the creative and performing arts. ICERI 2010, Madrid.

Biggs, M., Buchler, D., & Rocco, R. (2010). An International Collaboration for the Developement of a Research Training Course in an Emergent Academic Discipline. INTED, Valencia.

Biggs, M., Buchler, D. & Rocco, R. (2009). Design Practice and Research: Interconnections and the criterion-based approach. In: MALINS, J., (Ed.) European Academy of Design: Design Connexity, 2009 Aberdeen. EAD & Robert Gordon University, 375-380

Rocco, R., Biggs, M. & Buchler, D. (2009). A Pedagogical Proposal in an Area of Epistemological Uncertainty. In: PROJETAR, 13-16 Oct. 2009 Sao Paulo. FAU Mackenzie.

Boelens, L., & Rocco, R. (2008). Neighbourhood Development In Transnationality: A Comparison Between Randstad Holland, Buenos Aires And Sao Paulo. Paper presented at the ACSP-AESOP 4th JOINT CONGRESS, Chicago.

Rocco, R. (2008). The Location of Large Advanced Service Firms in the Network City Region: Evidence from the Randstad-Holland. IN PUTTE, H. V. D. (Ed.) Corporations and Cities Colloquium. Brussels, TU Delft & Berlage Institute.

Rocco, R. (2008). A New Role for Comprehensive Spatial Planning. IN PUTTE, H. V., JONGE, H. D., DECLERCK, J., FRAUSTO, S., NADIN, V., ROCCO, R., PROVOOST, J. & ZWART, J. V. D. (Eds.) Corporations and Cities Colloquium. Brussels, TU Delft & Berlage Institute.

Rocco, R. (2006). The Geography of Advanced Producer Services: New Corporate Centralities in Polycentric Urban Structures. IN COSTA, P., PIRES, I., TEIXEIRA, J. A. & PIRES, P. (Eds.) VVI International Conference of RESER. Lisbon, ISCTE/ RESER.

Published Games

Rocco, R., & Rooij, R. (2018). The Great Planning Game: Exploring the variety of values and worldviews in planning. Delft: Delft University of Technology.

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