Contact me

Please e-mail me.

Or send correspondence to:

Dr. Roberto Rocco
Technische Universiteit Delft TU Delft Bouwkunde Urbanism

Julianalaan 134
2628BL Delft
The Netherlands
T: +31(0)6 1843 1503


Visit my page HERE.

Visit the TU Delft official WEBSITE (where you can see where I work)

Visit the website for the book THE POLITICAL MEANING OF INFORMAL URBANISATION (a peer-reviewed book you can submit a proposal to)

Visit the TU DELFT SPATIAL PLANNING AND STRATEGY BLOG (the Blog of the chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy)

Visit the BLOG METHODOLOGY FOR URBANISM (the Blog of the Methodology course for the Department of Urbanism of the TU Delft)

Visit the BLOG PLANNING LATIN AMERICA  (a Blog I edited with Abigail, Luisa, Ana Maria and Daniel about planning issues in L.A.)

Visit the website of the SUMMER SCHOOL PLANNING AND DESIGN WITH WATER (a Summer School  I organised with students from NCKU in Taiwan and SCUT in China).


Visit my FLICKR account for a glimpse of my photography and graphic design.

Visit my SLIDESHARE account to see presentations prepared for courses.

Visit my ISSUU account to see texts and presentations.


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