Please, remain.

Please, remain.

Please, remain. Because we are all secret Anglophiles. Not even “secret” anglophiles. Because we love the pomp and the circumstance. Because we love your accents, even the ones you don’t like yourselves. Because when we listen to “She is leaving home” our eyes are full of tears. Because you gave us not only the Beatles, but you also gave us Fred Mercury, David Bowie, Elton John and the Spice Girls too! Because you gave us custom dramas and you gave us Maggie Smith to play in them. Because the Queen jumping off a helicopter for the Olympics was the coolest thing ever. Because we love the fact that a London girl with a magic voice was able to lift the UK’s GDP on her own. Because we love Mary Berry and her flower dresses and we love baking Victoria Sponges. Because we are simply gaga at the fact that despite horrible anti-Islamic sentiments everywhere, you elected a Muslim man to be mayor of your greatest city. Because when Dianna died, the lights went out around the world. Because Kate is beautiful and she is Pippa’s sister! Because computer says no and we are all the only gay in the village. Because we still need to recover the Madonna with the Big Boobies. Because Helen Mirren is the queen of acting. Because double-deckers are just so cool (and the new design is even cooler). Because we confess we’ve read all Harry Potter books. Because we love to pronounce Be-ne-dict Cumber-batch! Because we love to hate Simon Cowell. Because we listen to the BBC World Service every morning. Because we love to go to London and watch you go about in T-shirts when it is minus 10 outside. Because we get your jokes (no, seriously!). Because you are self deprecating and lovely and you have the funniest expressions (like “Gobsmacked”!). Because you gave us modern democracy. Because when we are lost, you will actually ask us if we need help. Please, help us this time. Because we are stronger together. Because we must be part of something bigger than ourselves. Because Jo was perfect. Because we think it’d be a pity to see you go on your own. Please, remain.Please-Remain


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