Orlando killings

As more and more details emerge from the tragic Orlando shooting, it becomes evident this is not about religion, this is not about terrorism. Anyone can claim they are working for IS, but is it true?

Maybe one could say this is about extreme homophobia, but the story is more intricate than pure homophobia. My humble opinion is that this story is about acceptance and a general culture of hate towards differences. It is about a general culture of bashing homosexuals, which has created individuals who cannot accept their own inner voices and become unstable.

This is also about a nation confronted with a choice.
An excerpt of the article below:

“Jeh Johnson, the Director of Homeland Security, said on Tuesday that the shooting highlighted the need for “meaningful, responsible” gun control measures. Mr Johnson said such controls were a public safety issue and would not infringe on the rights of responsible gun owners. “This has become a matter of homeland security,” he told CBS News. “We need to do something. We need to minimize the opportunities for terrorists to get a gun in this country.”

The man who killed 49 people at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, visited the venue several times before the massacre, witnesses say.
Note: The image illustrating this article:Public DomainOrlando Police Department officers enter Pulse Nightclub, 2016.jpg, Created: 12 June 2016


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