I was invited by the University of Seville to be part of the PhD commission of @Irene Luque Martin. I had the opportunity to visit the old city, where the amazing Giralda, the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville, stands. Sometimes, people who visit the tower don’t realise it used to be a minaret.

One needs to climb a steep ramp to achieve its 98.5 m, and when I arrived at the top, I was gasping for air! While I was there, a young couple arrived, bringing a very old lady along with them. She was at least 85, maybe 90 years old.

When the old lady arrived, people applauded and shouted “!Campiona! Campiona!” (Champion! Champion!). But the old lady didn’t seem tired at all and proceeded to the parapet, from where she could look out at this majestic city, under a radiant sun.

She produced a very elongated “Ooooooooh” and then “!Como es grande Sevilla!” and smiled. And this is what she saw:



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